Haptic Making




Haptic Making

Haptic is a word that generally relates to the sense of touch.  Haptic Making, then, might be construed as "hand-making".  However, in this section of my website, and the blog below, I am referring to both the simple hand-making where one might string beads for a necklace to the full bodily experience of "making" that can come from dancing, gardening, or building a wall.  Hapticity is important in the world of architecture as you truly experience a building, not necessarily from the way it looks, but by the way it feels... how your body experiences a space when you walk into and use the rooms.  Materials, volumes, roughness, softness, loud, and quiet all can be perceived by your body in a space.  


Repetitive Haptic Making

A thesis which speaks to Haptic Making, not only as a physical experience, but as an experience that is interrelated to time;

Particularly time as perceived in cycles and seasons.


Haptic Making Blog

More to come:

Blog: Spotlight on Haptic Makers Around the World

showcasing artists, entrepreneurs, mothers, citizens, and even whole cultures, 

that live their lives, make a living, and/or reconnect to the world (and themselves) through Haptic Making.